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I just thought I'd throw in my two cents worth of info:

1- Optimum nutrition "oats & whey" shake is not only outstanding (from a macronutrient split standpoint) as a post workout drink, but if you blend it "Frappe" style (throw it in the blender with very little water and some ice) its DELICIOUS

2- If you're cutting calories more drastically, or if you went overboard in one of your previous meals during the day and need to have a lower-calorie protein shake, this tip will be useful for you. Even the blandest, most watery protein shake (which tends to always be the case with shakes that are low in fat and carbs, such as Optimum Nutrition hydro whey or pro complex) has its taste greatly enhanced by blending it frappe and adding a tablespoon of almond/peanut butter per scoop of powder. I was really surprised at how much the taste of my hydro whey improved when I threw in a tbsp of natural almond butter.
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