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Carrots can be chopped/shredded and mixed into a lot of things as well. I make my salads on a bed of baby spinach instead of lettuce. Frozen and fresh veggies taste much better than canned ones. Stirfry is a great way to eat veggies, there's edamame (soy beans), bok choi (Chinese cabbage, kind of a half cabbage/half celery with a mild flavor), broccoli, carrots, snap peas aka pea pods, cauliflower, green beans, baby corn, even spinach can be thrown in a stirfry. All kinds of peppers too, but I don't eat peppers, they do unkind things to my intestines . Add a little canned broth and cornstarch to make a light sauce, very healthy. You can add whatever lean meat you like or even tofu if you're brave.
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