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I'm going primal, too....just started the transition 6/22. Like Lulu, I found MDA while researching something to transition to from Medifast. I lost 45 pounds with MF, but man am I sick of the space food...not to mention all the funky ingredients. I've got 20 more pounds of fat to lose and primal seems to be the way to go. I'm accustomed to 50-100 carbs per day, and I haven't been eating grains. Having fruit back in my diet has been heavenly so far - however limited I have to keep it. I've yet to do the organic meat shopping, but that will happen this week. I love it so far. Glad to hear so many people are doing well with it - especially the part about being able to focus on tasks. I've been struggling with extreme distractability for a while now. Hope this helps!
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