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I love our garden too, although I live much farther north, so ours is just getting started. It's also not a "small" patch by any means. My mom and I share a pair of gardens, one is for seasonal veggies it's maybe 1.5 acres, the other is an half acre perennial garden with strawberries, raspberries, mulberries, asparagus and rhubarb. We're hoping to add some blueberry bushes to the property next spring, but those will likely be planted around the swamp back in the woods. Dad and I also have discussed planting some dwarf fruit trees up north of the veggie garden, but first we'll have to find a way to keep the deer out of them. YIKES!!!

Yesterday we picked raspberries, red ones from the perennial garden and wild black ones from the lane. Yummmm, there is almost nothing tastier than black raspberry pie. And hopefully I won't come down with poison ivy from that little jaunt, but I might that nasty stuff was EVERYWHERE! Ugh.

If you're interested in canning, you might want to buy a copy of the Ball Canning Book, it's well worth the $7 price tag, you can find it pretty much wherever canning products are sold. I've been canning my whole life and still pull it out at the beginning of every canning season to double check the processing requirements.
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