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Default Home garden

Lots of talk on here about organic food. I love to grow my own. It is amazing how much fun and reward you can get from a very small investment and a very small patch of dirt. I have invested about $25 this spring in my mini garden.
I think my little garden (about 200 square foot) is at its peak right now. I have 2 of the cherry tomato plants giving about 20 salad tomatoes a day. I have 9 "Better-boys" tomatoes thats just started producing, about 2-3 a day (love a tomato sandwich). 3 kinds of squash we have been enjoying for weeks. 2 kind of cucumbers and giving 2 or 3 a day. 3 kinds of peppers that are just going wild and I cannot eat fast enough. Hitting wally-world later today for some canning supplies to pickle some peppers for the winter.
The squash is starting to slow down so may take them out soon and add some late season tomatoes.
Best part of it is it's all good for you as well as your waist line.

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