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Originally Posted by rommel77 View Post
How long have you been dealing with your sleep apnea?
I was diagnosed in December of 2003 and had the CPAP set at 8. It was really interesting that they said in the sleep study my legs stopped twitching when the pressure got up to about 7. Apparently they twitched every 14 seconds until then - who knew? I suspect I needed the machine a good while before that since I'd been getting complaints about my snoring and I'd been literally falling asleep at work.

In 2007 I was all excited about having lost 40 pounds and wanted another sleep study. I had different insurance, though, and instead of sleeping at the clinic with all sorts of electronics glued to my head, chest, and legs, they just sent me home with a testing CPAP for a few nights that had variable pressure and monitored my breathing somehow. I was VERY disappointed that they turned my machine UP to 10, and I haven't been especially comfortable with it ever since.

After that I gained back 10 of those 40 pounds but managed to stop there and have gotten rid of it again. Since then I've used CPAP sporadically - sometimes I sleep better with it, and sometimes I sleep better without it. I suppose I should insist on a real in-clinic sleep study but I don't feel confident I would get it. Maybe after I lose some more weight I'll ask again.
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