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Hello, Continuing on with a thread from the Women's Only section "Hi, I'm new" where we built up a nice community of folks with the same goal-health. Tips, support, food talk - and whatever else might be on your mind! Everyone is welcome to join in, including men of course!

Diane said: "Wow, Shell, two grand is crazy!! And I hate the way the prey on us! The best "fad" I ever went on was Jenny Craig, and I did have some success with it. I don't have the money to go back right now, and I also decided that pre-packaged food diet plans weren't for me anymore. They're great for learning real portion sizes, but I wanted to learn to cook for myself. My absolute favorite thing on here is the nutrition trackers, and by making my own foods, I'm not only learning to cope in the "real world", but I'm making sure all my needs are met.

And speaking of cooking, I'm spreading the love tonight with my new dinner I whipped up, it was simple, but turned out better than I expected it to. For 479 calories I had one portion of pan-seared salmon on a bed made of 1 cup plain white rice and 1 cup collard greens, made from frozen to cut down on sodium and seasoned with garlic, onion and black pepper. It was more satisfying and it appeared on the plate!"

Hi Diane, I think we have probably all tried 'fads' at some point. The marketing is very clever...and really plays on your emotions. Getting smart now, and eating 'real' food, fresh food, nutritious food - it is a sensible and refreshing approach. I am really starting to feel good again! Sounds like a tasty recipe Diane, I do love seafood myself, it is my favorite. Had crab the other night. Although higher in cholesteral that I realized (really high!); it is also very high in protein too.

I recently watched the movie "Fathead". A supposed response to the "Supersize Me" movie. The film maker of "Fathead" eats fast food everyday; and loses weight. Definitely brings up alot of controversial issues about food and health...anyone else seen it? Rather extreme, I strongly agreed with certain aspects of it, and strongly disagreed with others. To tell you the truth, it left me feeling a little confused as far as food and nutrition goes, but on the plus side it further motivated me to be mindful of what I eat. Makes you think about nutrition, what are our bodies really designed to consume/process, the influence of marketing and how drug companies and health organizations are such driving forces in what is deemed healthy or unhealthy. I found it quite entertaining and funny with all the sarcasm too!! Worth a watch in my opinion, would love to hear what others thought of it. Fat Head - Blog site for the comedy-documentary Fat Head

Have a great day everyone!
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