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Originally Posted by ronaldobrown View Post
I worked long and hard against my fat, people advised me to take diet pills but I am afraid because I have heard bad things about this method. Let me know if someone has a diet and if you have had good results, because I've done it all and instead I think I gained more.
There are good diets out there. The Paleo, the New Atkins, Weight Watchers, etc... and you can always find someone that has had success and others that haven't. I believe the key is to stop looking for a 'diet' as something you do to you reach your weight goal.

I prefer to approach the process as a lifestyle change to become a healthier (and lighter) person. The changes that I have made I intend to continue for the rest of my life. That means exercising on a regular basis, eating healthier (more fruits & vegetables, less simple carbs, and less processed food) and restricting my calories.

The problem with the diet or the pill solutions is that you have only treated the symptoms of the problems that were caused by eating poorly and not exercising. As soon as you go off the diet or pills the reasons you became overweight return, as does the weight.

Instead educate yourself on how fat, carbs and protein are utilized by your body and when you need them. Develop a long term goal for weight loss that is based on a 500-700 calorie deficit per day. Acheive your calorie deficit with a combination of restricting the food you eat and exercise. If you have a favorite unhealthy food (or 2 or 20, lol) don't tell yourself you can never eat them again. Instead understand the nutritional baggage those foods carry and make adjustments to the rest of your intake to compensate. You can't have them all in the same week but you can have them.

As far as diet pills go, I have tried them in the past and not had success (of course I was still eating badly). All I got was shakey from the stimulants. I believe the caffeine from the 2-3 cups of coffee I drink a day is more effective.

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