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Hi sn stand for anorexia bulimia...if you feel that you are relapsing than you should probably ask for help. I'm not sure when you put up your post but I strongly recommend that you do not fast especially with your history. Minimizing caloric intake to lower than 800 calories is not healthy at all. All your doing is causing your body to eat away at its own muscles not fat...thats why alot of anas and mia continue to starve and binge and purge bc they maintain a skinny fat. The body is holding on to that fat so that it can survive due to its starvation. Your stomach grumbling is your acid eating away at the lining around your stomach that can cause ulcers. If you really wanna lose weight and feel good about your self 1. EXERCISE HELLO!!!! 2. Eat 5 small healthy meals throughout the day 3. Look in the mirror and pick out the things that you like and love about yourself rather than hating and wanting to fix the unfixable. I say this because I felt the same way about fasting and I promise it is a temporary fix to a permanent problem. You should try to live healthier bc there is no miracle cure to lose weight you have to want to lose the weight at feel good about yourself. P90X is a good start, running and can help you get motivated and stay that way.
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