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- Diet Soda.
0 calories, 0 guilt. What? There's sodium in it? Oh snap.

- Saying "yes" whenever people offer some kind of food.
They've taken the time to extend a kindness to me and I have a bad habit of accepting. And my brother does this to me. Every. Single. Day. With brownies or donuts or chili or something that I totally don't need.

- "Healthy" fast food.
Being a student and a research assistant doesn't give me much time to cook. I have about 30 minutes a day to actually eat (not counting breakfast in the morning) so I usually just swing by a Chipotle and get a vegetarian burrito bowl or something. Or I eat fresh and down a 12" so I don't have to eat later.

- Not reading labels or checking nutrition facts prior to stuffing something in my face.
Because eff you, Panera. Why do you have salads that have over 25 grams of fat? I am never stopping in again.

- Not sleeping/going to the gym.
Again, student/research assistant = no time for anything. Wake up at 6 am, classes from 8-3pm, work from 4-10pm. Oh look, the whole day is gone and I didn't go to the gym. WHAT A SHOCKER.
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