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Originally Posted by 1anamia View Post
When i was younger i used to suffer from an eating dissorder.. and fasting was my addiction.
But now that im older and mostly recovered i decided to go on a fast again.. only this time with a lil help and advice from the dr.

Has anyone ever used fasting as a weightloss method or am i the only one lol?
I suggest you read "The Ketogenic Diet" by Lyle McDonald. In that book you will find out that the reason you lose weight while fasting is that your body is mobilizing both your fat stores and your lean muscle mass. That might bring you a lower number on the scale, but at the cost of muscle deterioration. You can get a similar result on a ketogenic diet, in which you are ingesting enough protein to prevent lean muscle loss. An added bonus is that, coupled with a good multivitamin, you will also get the nutrients to prevent some of the other uncomfortable side effects of fasting (like headaches, diziness, etc.).
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