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two years ago, i had lost about 15 pounds from counting calories and eating more vegetables/fruits/fiber and healthy fat. it was really hard to go out with people though and watch them eat whatever they wanted (especially as i worked with kids in a program where we had to supply them food). i started to plateau and it was so frustrating.
I ended up starting alli to give me another kickstart, and it allowed me to, on occasion splurge and have say, a half slice of pizza with the kids i worked with, on occasion. took me a few months but i lost another 15-20 pounds before i stopped.

one caution though, i stopped because i was having problems with my gallbladder. My dr suggested it was due to the alli and since i was in a healthy range (im 5'10" at that point was about 158) i decided to stop. in the two years since ive only gained 4-5 pounds of it back. but since i never hit the weight i wanted to (150, still in healthy range, but not disgustingly scrawny), i recently started counting calories again and doing more aerobic exercise. I never stopped eating healthier, and i never forgot what portions should be. i think if anything , that was the greatest benefit of alli.

also hungry girl cookbook, i strongly recommend that as well. She has some yummy concoctions you wouldn't know were healthy and low calorie/low fat.
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