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Default Calorie Deficit

Hi. I am new to FitDay. 1st post on here.

I am a little confused.

1. I hit the gym almost every day. It is a lifestyle thing and I always go there on the way home from work unless I am booked elsewhere. When I enter in all my activities I get to a total of about 2500 to 2800 calories used each day and then when I enter in all my food I total to about 2000 to 2200 a day. So I am constantly working off more calories than I take in. And yet I am not reducing body fat. Anyone know why this is or if I am entering something wrongly?

2. I am trying to put on weight and so I cannot record my weight goal and therefore track my progress because it errors out. I am currently 74kgs and want to be 80kgs. Anyone know if there is an adjustment being made to this part of the system?

Marshal Max
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