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Nessa, well done on the 35, I wish I could be a fly on the wall when your husband's family see you!

thank you s much jenny, good wishes to you to for your weight loss journey!

Lizzy, you hit the nail on the head; I do deserve it, we all do!

Almeeker, well done, great job! I am finding the clothes part a little tricky to be honest... it is always fun to get new ones, but I am hardly getting a wear out of them and I bought two outfits for the wedding in different sizes. I am happy to say I went with the smaller one, I am hoping to get at least two more wears before it is consigned to the charity shop

I love this site so much, the people here are so inspiring and have made such massive changes to their own lives and the lives of others, like me! I never thought I had it in me till I came here. I have watched as my weight and BMI have gone down week on week, I am now not obese any more and I am more than ready to keep on losing!

*waves to my toes now that I can actually see them when standing upright*

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