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Homemade Mac & Cheese & Peas

My gang loves homemade mac & cheese w/ peas (or broccoli). I use whole grain pasta, reduced fat cheese and low-fat milk (sometimes soy, sometimes dairy depending on what we have in the fridge). I make the cheese sauce by melting 1/2 cup margarine (we use Smart Balance but any variety will work), then I whisk that with 1/4 cup corn starch, and add in 3-4 cups of milk. Once the white sauce thickens turn the heat off and add in 2 cups shredded co-jack cheese and stir until melted. Pour it over 1 pound box of prepared noodles (any shape) and dump in 10-12 ounces of frozen veggies (either peas or broccoli). My kids wolf this stuff down, but they are all girls, ages 4, 7 and 8.


My kiddos also like Papa-al-Pomadoro, which they also call "pizza stew". Basically you take whatever marinara sauce the kids like, stir in a few pizza toppings, olives, green peppers etc etc. Then prep the bottom of the bowls with a piece of whole grain bread, like a slimwich or cubed whole wheat bread. Sprinkle mozzarella over the bread, then top with the pasta sauce. This is so easy to make you can have the kids do it. My gang eats this up pronto.

Grilled veggie kabobs.

At our house in the summer we don't like to heat up the kitchen, so often we cook outdoors with fire. I like to have the girls help make dinner, so at some point in the not too distant future I can leave the kitchen to them... Veggie kabobs are really easy, you just set out bowls of veggies, let the kids make up their own skewers, spritz them with a little salad spray and toss them on the grill for maybe 8-10 minutes each. Yummmmm, and nobody can complain because they speared their own kabobs, right? Wrong, the middle child will complain no matter what. You can also use fruit kabobs for dessert, but sprinkle them with cinnamon and honey or maybe a little bit of sugar.
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