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Default Motivation and reward

I think I first logged on here on the 4th of January. I have posted on previous threads about how seeing myself in the Xmas pics FINALLY made me see that I had to do something about my weight.

Well, I read the forums, and the success stories thread was a major motivator for me. Now, five months and a bit down the line, I attended a family wedding today...a lot of the people there hadn't seen me since Christmas. I got some amazing compliments!

I am just on the 44lbs loss mark, still have a long way to go but the difference is unbelievable. One nephew asked me 'who are you, and what did you do with my fat auntie' lol, others told me I looked ten years younger.

I want to say to the newbies here, it really isn't that hard once you get your mindset right. Tell yourself you DESERVE better, not that you 'deserve' a bar of chocolate because you have a hard day.

I have gone from being a tight squeeze in a UK size 20 to being able to order size 16 clothes online without worrying too much about whether they will fit me or not. I know it doesn't sound much, but the size 20 me really appreciated coming on here and reading how it could be done. (It still does!)

BTW, the wedding had a five course meal, and I had a bit of everything. The old me would have cleared all plates, now, I savour flavours and have a taste of what I fancy without being paranoid, especially on occasions such as today.

I am just on such a high with all the rewarding comments I got today, I wanted to share and maybe inspire someone like I was inspired when I first came here.

Sorry for the long post, just on a bit of a high that my weight loss was noticed by so many today and that I got such positive comments, just wanted to share
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