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Default I do not agree

I agree with part of it, you need to keep GRAMS of carbs below 100 (15 grams =1carb). Look on packages/cans of food for serving size. You will be amazed how much a true serving is... and then at the total carbs listed... thats for 1 serving.

The part I disagree with is the wild free for all on fats. Yes, you body DOES need fat to survive.

The key is balance. Only ten percent of the calories consumed should be from sources of saturated fat, another twenty can come from unsaturated fats. How many grams of saturated fat should you eat daily? For a normal adult, ten percent is around twenty grams of saturated fat. We will benefit more from avoiding processed foods and processed fats; and, enjoying natural whole foods and natural fat.

The best sources of the good fats are eggs, olive oil, raw nuts, avacado, REAL butter, coconut oil.

Avoid: Hydrogenated oils of all kinds. Canola, margarine (even the 'smart' margarines, Substitute butters) Artificial sweetners and fructose. For sweetners try using Stevia.

Also I have read on several sites that Wheat bread, pasta ( even the whole grain ones) crackers and cookies (that makes sense lol).. should also be avoided and instead eat things like:

sprouted grain (breads), Millet, sweet potatos and ALL fruits and vegetable. Although there are some veggies higher in starch like corn, peas, lima beans.. even those have better benefits than say mashed potatoes or white potatos no matter how it is made. One last thing, you can have brown rice, but white rice will spike you blood sugar.

Good luck!
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