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Lightbulb 91 Day Challenge

Hey there!

Yesterday I decided to commit to 91 days of healthy behaviors and see what progress I can make toward a new me.

Why 91 days? Well, that's about 3 months: 13 weeks. That should be long enough to take the new desired behaviors and make them into habits.

It's long enough to be able to see some pretty clear results. It's short enough not to be overwhelming.

Here's how it's breaking down:
5 days of exercise/training days per week: 65 workouts total (with 39 of those to include weight training.) If I lose one pound per week, that's potentially 13 pounds I could lose.

Besides adding the exercise habit back to my life, I'll be phasing out my daily martini habit (5 oz. = 327 calories) - of which sometimes I have two - and giving up cigarettes (again), which I tend to have along with the cocktail. (Two birds, and all that) I know how unhealthy these both are! But more on this with future posts... Suffice it to say I'm looking forward to feeling better.

I don't have a target for the weight loss, because I want to focus more on the healthy behaviors and fitness than the numbers on my scale. I just want to see what happens. I'll take down my weight and measurements a few times throughout, but only for further evidence of progress - nothing more.

I'll be posting here with the day and workout number to goal.
Today is Day 2 of 91 and workout 2 of 65.
(89 days to go and 63 workouts.)


Anyone want to come along?
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