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it's nice to see runners here; beginners and veterans alike!

i've been running and racing for 31 years... but only journaling my food intake in irregular spurts. i've been about the same weight for 21 years now, and have developed a knack for eating exactly what i burn... even when i'm running 85 mile weeks.

my goal is to drop a few pounds while training for my next marathon, probably san deigo in june. of course it's a balance... i need to run quality miles so i can't be too deep into caloric deficit... but with a few months of time, i think i can manage some weight loss. and according to some discussions i've seen, at my level and weight a pound dropped is a minute off my marathon time!

i'm a beginner with using this site. how accurate have you found the site? should i really expect a weight loss concurrent with the input/output calorie calculation that appears on my page? finally, do you guys share food journal information with each other? i'd love to spy on you to find out what you're eating... and if you don't mind avocado and anchovy sandwiches, you might like spying on my food journal

best wishes!
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