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Originally Posted by Frenchmaid1969 View Post
I just wonder if Weight Watcher is good to loose weight... i asking this cause i know a lots of people who were on that .. well they lost weight but for some reason all of them gain it back, i am kind of consuse if i should do this or not!
Didnt read the other posts..Just wanted to say it worked for me few years back BUT once I stopped attending the meetings--I stopped losing weight. If you DONT plan on attending the meetings--just use FD. Same thing --same idea with charting as on WW web page. This may actually be even better.

If you have time to join and go to the is nice. They are motivating and the "pressure" to weight in each week was enough to keep me in line! LOL!

But --once I stopped the meetings the weigh ins were not far behind...then...I did all kinds of cheating..

GL to you!
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