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Default Currently doing WW at meeting center

I'm currently doing Weight Watchers at the meeting center and have lost over 60 pounds. I lost my job and could no longer afford e-Tools which is why I'm tracking at FitDay (and on paper).

Points are just one part of the program. The Good Health Guidelines are another. If you aren't following the GHGs, you aren't doing Weight Watchers (you are just paying for their proprietary information and doing your own program).

Weight Watchers focuses on "Filling Foods" (i.e., whole, unprocessed foods) and activity (it doesn't have to be a formal workout at a gym). Do some people need to "tweak" it a bit to get the results they want? Yes, within reason. One can tweak the points to keep it lower-carb, or lower-fat, or higher-protein in how/where they "spend their points" (i.e., they may spend more points on protein sources and fewer on fruits and whole grains) however if done as written, the program is very balanced.

If you aren't tracking your intake, you aren't on WW.
If you aren't getting in all your GHGs, you aren't on WW.

If you do the program half-way, you can expect half-way results.
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