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I understand, too. I have unholy periods, and apparently between changing my diet, starting to exercise and stress its messing with my cycle. I've gone from being a few days early every month to a few days late, which doesn't help the stress factor anymore. And I hear you on the "body talking to you" thing. At this point, after six weeks, I've gotten to where I don't really think too much about what to eat, it takes me a lot less longer to plan out my foods the night before. Until that PMS voice starts in. I have a constant chant of "sweet, salty, sweet, salty" running in an undercurrent at all times. I totally can't wait until I have a job that provides insurance again, because not only am I rediculously overdue for a checkup, but birth control really seems to help control the emotional wreckage and cramps. I know it will make weight loss harder, because they all seem to make you gain weight more easily, but I'll put in the extra effort to not roller coaster so badly. I wish I had some advice for you, the best I can do is let you know you're not alone in that particular struggle!
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