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Originally Posted by doggiesnot View Post
You are from Methdependence?!? Awesome! Tell me that's not how you lost the weight!

I'm from Olathe, KS. My fiance is going to lose weight similar to you, and we will all be success stories.
LOL. No I lost weight the good old fashioned way by watching what I eat. However, if you and your fiance would like to come to Independence, I am sure you could find someone who would be happy to fix you up with a "diet plan".

For those of you wondering what we are talking about- my hometown of Independence, MO is known as the meth capital of the US. Scary huh?

Strange thing is- we live in a beautiful very historical city. Home of Harry Truman and the starting point of the Three Trails- Santa Fe, California and Oregon. Also the birthplace of Ginger Rogers. There are bad parts of town just like any place else but overall it is a nice place to live!

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