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Originally Posted by adamcaa View Post
note: this is subject to change, i'll manipulate the calories depending on how fast i'm losing weight.
I want to avoid losing weight too fast.

note: as of now i'm not using cardio (which is hard because i like jogging). I want to see the effects on body composition, lifting heavy three times a week, and calorie manipulation.

note: 1.0g of protein per pound of lean body mass.

monday- medium caloric intake ( chest biceps )
tuesday- high caloric intake (maintenance caloric intake) (legs back)
wednesday- medium caloric intake (recovery)
thursday- medium caloric intake (shoulders triceps)
friday - low caloric intake (recovery)
saturday- high caloric intake (maintenance caloric intake) (recovery)
sunday- medium caloric intake (recovery)
interesting strategy, how long have you been doing it and how's it working for you? I try to take in at least 1g of protein per pound of total body weight. I lift 3 days a week (for just over an hour) and do cardio at the gym at least 3-4 days a week, plus walk when I'm home. I do abs one day a week for probably 20 mins. I was staying 500/ deficient per day but found that I've sped up my metabolism too much and now I'm having to eat more so I don't become skinny or lose muscle. I guess if it's not one thing... it's another.
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