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1100 seems like an unrealistically low number, especially with an active job and all that exercise. Where is that number coming from? Is it generated by how much you want to lose by a certain goal date? Are you a rather small person to begin with? Make sure all your stats are entered correctly, as well.

The calculator that I like best is this one, though it tends to give a fairly high caloric allotment if you have a great deal to lose: Calorie Calculator - Daily Caloric Needs

If that doesn't seem intuitively correct, go to your FitDay activities tab and see how much you burn in a day. A 500 calorie deficit per day (activities calories burned minus calories eaten) will result in one pound lost per week; 1000 deficit will equal two pounds per week, etc.

Definitely, not consuming enough calories can be a reason you are holding on to your weight.

Hope this helps. If not, and you're willing to provide some more specifics such as height and weight and what you burn in activities, maybe some other ideas will come...Good Luck!

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