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I have been on and off of WW for 2 years now, with little results. First I tried online only, then in Sept. decided to go to meetings. THe meetings are very helpful and being with others who also struggle helps you to feel less isolated. HOWEVER, the diet itself does not seem to work with my system. I have only lost 7 pounds in 4 months, following it very strictly and doing everything they suggested. It is very frustrating. And yes, I drank all of my water. I came here to Fitday to break down my diet more than their "points" to see if I could understand what was happening. I have learned that my fat and carbs are too high, my protein too low. For some, the points don't give enough info. and even if you are staying within their points, the weight wont come off. I am an avid ex. and work with weights as well so not ex. isn't an issue. Just be warned that if you don't see results, you may have to dig deeper to find out why. If there are others out there who have had this happen, I would love to hear from them because I feel pretty alone in this situation!
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