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Default Pcos

Hi, I have PCOS as well, but no thyroid problems. My mom has both PCOS and Hasimodo.

I have to start by emphasizing how important it is to keep your hormone levels in balance. To do this, you must be 100% upfront and honest with your doctor about all supplements you take. The easiest thing to do is to bring the bottles with you when you go see her. You must also be tested regularly to make sure your hormones are level, and in the range they should be. When a person with hormone issues begins a new diet or workout regimen, that can have a drastic affect on your hormone levels, so the dosage you need today might be different than the dosage you will need in the coming months.

I was formerly on metformin, but through diet and excercise, have been able to get off of all meds. I haven't seen any improvement in my acne or hair issues, but I have been able to get more frequent periods, and my blood sugar/insulin levels are nearly normal.

I am really struggling with the weight loss issue. I am down to an average of 1600 calories, and burning an average of 2100 calories per day. So far, the weight hasn't really come off at all. It's so frustrating for us girls with PCOS because our bodies want to hang on to every last ounce of fat no matter what's going on. I'm dealing with it by not dwelling on it. I only weigh myself once a week and I try not to think about why my clothes aren't fitting any better. Instead, I focus on the fact that I have so much more energy, and I am proud of myself for getting stronger. I am also proud of myself for taking control of my health instead of letting this syndrome keep me on the couch feeling sorry for myself. It also helps to know that even if I can't lose all the weight, by getting to the gym and by watching my calories, I am improving my chances of living a healthy, prosperous life rather than succumbing to heart disease or diabetes.
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