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Hey! My story is sort of similar...I was diagnosed as PREdiabetic in April 2009. My family has a strong predisposition to type 2 diabetes, and I ignored this fact and didn't make the necessary changes to prevent it from developing. With proper diet, healthy weight and exercise I can avoid full blown diabetes, but without doing those things I will definitely end up with it....and if I do end up with it, I will STILL have to have a proper diet, healthy weight and exercise! LOL! So I might as well do it NOW!

Like you I was really good for the first few months, ate healthy, lost 21 pounds (I only needed to lose 30), I walked 5 times a week....a fairly vigorous hike actually...and did a workout video at home 3 times a week. And then, like you, I got sort of complacent and lazy, and UNLIKE YOU who kept losing...I gained back 19 of those 21 pounds!! YIKES!

So here I am again, starting over.....

So maybe there can be some mutual butt kicking??? LOL!!

I do not know how to "friend" someone or I would!
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