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Originally Posted by MetalPeaches View Post
Thanks for all of your help. This diet just isn't for me- I woke up about three times last night STARVING and decided any diet where I'm eating this much and feeling this terrible isn't worth it. In fact I figured it's pretty much the opposite of what I need so I'm going vegetarian! haha I already feel like a million bucks from my one bowl of oatmeal + crazins and I'm not hungry for the first time in a few days. Thanks again for your help and encouragement though- best of luck to you!
I changed my diet significantly to have loads of fresh vegetables and fruit and very limited amounts of bread and pasta and red meat. After six months i don't miss any of it and most of my week is all veggies and two or three times i have fish and maybe once a month have some chicken. It is another great alternative, eat clean and fresh! And there are no such things as hunger pangs i eat when i want, you won't stay heavy by eating vegetables! And there is no phases you just keep losing weight and it becomes lifestyle.
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