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thanks. I've been trying to stay away from stimulants b/c my HR gets really high during exercise. I got off my adderall for almost 2 months and my HR never changed so I'm back on it. I've actually been loosing more and more weight even though I'm not trying now. I'm now increasing my calories to 2500-3000 a day just to try to keep pace with my activity level.
My BF is at an all time low (around 10.5%) which I'm really happy about so everything seems to be right on track.
All I need to do is figure out my HR. I've been to a cardiologist and had a battery of test run. He put me on iron pills and now wants me to see an endocrinologist. Hopefully I'll have an answer soon b/c I'm flying to Virginia to compete in a 1/2 marathon and would rather run it than walk it... if I can get my HR in a "normal" range.
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