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Encourage, encourage! I upped net carbs to 25 the second week; am at 40 now after 4 weeks. Try a variety of meats: fish (different kinds especially tuna), lamb, pork, shellfish (potassium), turkey, chicken, veal, duck. You can marinate pork shoulder in soy sauce and ginger and broil it; eat with tofu noodles. Get fat from butter, cream, cream cheese, cheese, fried pork rinds (NO CARBS). Get through the first week or two and you will be on your way. Watch the total nutrition chart. Get through 4 weeks and you will feel great. Good luck. Exercise.
Thanks for all of your help. This diet just isn't for me- I woke up about three times last night STARVING and decided any diet where I'm eating this much and feeling this terrible isn't worth it. In fact I figured it's pretty much the opposite of what I need so I'm going vegetarian! haha I already feel like a million bucks from my one bowl of oatmeal + crazins and I'm not hungry for the first time in a few days. Thanks again for your help and encouragement though- best of luck to you!
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