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Default My journey: 78 down...67 to go?

I’m a (gulp) 45 year old man. Yikes.
I’m married and I have two teenage boys.
I was diagnosed diabetic about 10 months ago (March, 2009).
I began my weight loss regime when I was diagnosed.
I started at 319 lbs and am now 241 lbs (lost 78).
I live in Washington State.

This post is to jump-start my weight loss plans.

I’ve been overweight since I was a young teen. Not hugely at that point but slowly gaining since then. A few lbs a year and there you go. Up and down most of my life and dieting here and there with OK to good success but never keeping it off and always ending up weighing more.

I was diagnosed as diabetic in a routine checkup in March of 2009 and freaked out a bit. Once the freak out ended, I asked my doctor if there was a way for me to beat the disease. He told me that the disease was forever but that symptoms could be kept at bay and the disease could be managed but that most people will not be able to do it. He said that I’d have to lose weight and exercise forever. I said OK.

For the first 6 months I was very diligent. I was keeping the calories near 1500/day (logging every bite into FitDay’s web site and walking between 1 and 2 miles every day. Because of the diabetes, I also worked in a super-low-carb diet. Sort of like Atkins, but I never actually subscribed to Atkins’ diet. All I did was minimize carbs to about 25-50 grams/day. This regimen worked fabulously and I lost about 60lbs in those first 6 months.

Since August of 2009, I have slowly begun walking LESS each day and have instead focused on running occasionally (I now, for the first time in my life, can run about 5k). I currently run/walk about 4 miles a week. I also stopped logging all my foods into FitDay. I have, since this changing of habits, lost another 18 lbs. This is a considerable slowdown in weight loss and although I’m happy to continue losing, it’s not fast enough for me. That is why I have now chosen to get back into writing everything down in FitDay and walking/running more each week.

My motivations include: my wife; my kids; my overall health; and my love of hiking, skiing and just doin’ stuff. Oh, and that pesky freakin’ disease.

I want to go skydiving one day and they won’t let fat people jump out of airplanes. I think you need to weigh less than 220 or something. Maybe less, I’m not positive. That’s a fun motivation for me, but not, of course, my primary one. It’s just a thought.

I’m writing this today because I think I may need a bit more ‘support’ to keep things rolling along. Maybe some FitDay friends with similar needs, goals or successes could be motivational. A little ‘shaming’ couldn’t hurt, could it? I’ll put my success and my future success out there so that I know someone is watching. That should help me to do my best.

A request to fellow weight-loss seekers here on FitDay: Set me up as a ‘friend’ on and let’s see what each other are doing and help each other to succeed.

Thanks, everyone. And good luck to all of you.
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