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Ok I'm the total opposite. I'm on day two of induction and I feel like hell. I've been hungry since I've started this which feels terrible. I can only eat so much meat before it makes me nauseous. I've had a splitting headache all day and just feel completely lethargic. Before this I'd have like a bowl of oatmeal or cereal for breakfast and I wouldn't get hungry at all until around lunchtime. I'm eating way more calories than I'm used to and my stomach is gnawing at me like I haven't eaten a thing.
If I never had to eat cheese or meat again the rest of my life I'd be perfectly ok with that. Ughh
Your metabolism is in an uproar. You want the lazy carbs. Be sure and eat at least 20 net carbs. Eskimos and paleolithic hungers survived; it takes a while to turn the genes to use fat back on. I am in 4th week and feel great. Look at your total nutrition chart; make sure you are getting enough potassium. I went to the dr today to get the results of potassium, glucose and calcium; the lab sent none. I had to get blood drawn again. If your potassium is low you will feel like hell; google the symptoms of low potassium. If you need it supplemented more than a few percent you need a doctor's prescription. They don't tell you this. I got mine up 10% by eating potassium rich foods and feel great but my carbs have gone up. I wasted a week and it will still be days before I get my Rx. I hate dr secretaries. I drink the flavored sparkling water with no carbs, only .79 per liter. Eat 4 or 5 servings of green leafy veggies a day. I eat spinach for breakfast. Good luck. You can look at my food logs; my ID is RichardBuckner.
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