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Actually, I think it is closer to 2 pounds loss for me w/o dieting even..I am a grain of sand away from 158, but am for sure 159..My actual 10th day will be on Sunday, but like I said that I use the scale here so my weigh in will be Monday the 25...Did I mention that on Friday when I weighed in it was at 160!! Gosh, that is just terrible for me! Sooo glad I found one of my old journals and that my birthday June 17th if I lose 2 pounds every 10 days w/o dieting but substituting a junk food for a cocoa once in a while and doing the 4.5-5 miles a day..I will be at not only my pre preggars weight, but ALSO my WEDDING weight of 130!! If it is 1 pound for every 10 days then I reach that goal on my 5th year Wedding anniversary!!! Got it figured out and it will overall be extrememly (sp purp healthy and a part of everyday life...though when I DO get down to that size I will ease up back to 20 minutes x 3 a day with 3 miles of walking a day....sooooo excited that I FINALLY found what works for ME!!! LOVE TO EAT and of course the occasional chocolate!!! Also this will not interrupt my time spent with the kids AT ALL!! On my after work walks, I can always put my baby in the stroller and have my 12 year old put on his roller blades and off we go.....that'll happen this summer!!
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