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I grew up eating a Mediterranean diet – both my parents are from southern Europe… and all of our family meals were ‘vegetable-centered’. So, maybe my ideas will be helpful to you.

• Vegetable stews – Any combination of vegetables cooked together in a pot. The possibilities are endless. Adding meat, fish or a grain is optional.

• Vegetable soups – Pick any vegetable or combination of vegetables and create a soup and make it more hearty by adding beans or peas.

• Assortment of vegetable side-dishes – This is a very Mediterranean way to eat. Instead of having one vegetable main-dish, make several simple preparations of vegetables and enjoy them together at a meal. For example, roast asparagus, boil zucchini, sauté spinach and serve it all with a tossed salad and canned (and rinsed) beans. You can serve meat, fish, cheese or grains as a side dish.

I can give you more specific suggestions, but this is the general idea.
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