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Originally Posted by Beefsister View Post
I'm sort of doing the Atkins diet. More of a primal diet. My ratios today were 72% fat ( 122 grams overall,44 grams saturated, 10.6 polyunsaturated, 56 monounsaturated), 27% protein (99 grams), and 1% carbs (2.6).

I plan on eating a bit more carbs once I get closer to my goal weight, from veggies and a bit of fruit. But for now, mostly meat, eggs, cheese, and oils. I like this diet so far. It's tasty, and the fatty foods keep me full for a long time

Also, I highly suggest that anybody doing or thinking about going low carb go to Link removed.

It's a great site, with a forum and everything. That site is actually what made me go on the 'caveman diet'.
Thanks for the tip, I will check out the site. I suggest you eat more carbs and protein. You need the protein to replace the muscle you lose as your body has less weight to support and eats for food. You do need some carbs. Get them in green leafy veggies. My ration is about 10% carbs (rising a little now), 30% protein and the rest fat. It has taken 4 weeks but I feel great.

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