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[;12541]Richard, thank you. You are sooo encouraging. I really wish I were stronger to be your cheerleader right now. You're doing so well.

MetalPeaches--I wish I had something for you, too. But, I haven't lost either. I'm thinking I've been doing this almost a month and nothing. Not even one clothes size. The last time I did this, shoot the last two times, I lost about 60 lbs. I saw results fast. I'm feeling helpless and hopeless right now. I heard about the wooshie fairy. You know, one day it just all wooshes away after your effort--or is it the swooshie fairy--anywhoooo, I am trying to hang in there.

Oh, I gave up the alcohol almost completely. None during the week and a bit of tequila with the bf on the weekends. But, other than that I feel like I'm just filling myself with crap.

Keep trying. You can look at my public food logs. Wait until you are 69; it is a very sexy age. Age isn't you, YOU are you. Keep forever young. Learn something new. Today I hit 201 on the bathroom scale first thing in the morning; 204.4 on the accurate digital scale. Lost 2.6 lb from last Monday. Upping my net carbs to 40 and adding some fruit and melons. Still can't get my potassium above 70% without great expense and higher net carbs. Will probably add potassium citrate. Will continue to try to lose 2 pounds per week, maybe 2-3 weeks and I will be half way there at 200. This is after a solid week on a plateau at 202 in the morning. You can go like than then suddenly lose 5 pounds in a week. Do not despair. Yaaaay me!
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