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Lightbulb Vegetable Entrees

Hi everyone,
With the economy the way it is I am trying to find foods that don't use meat for a main entree (beef, $6 a pound, are you kidding me!) My son won't eat chicken (we have a pet chicken and it's like eating "fluffy".) Pork and ham are sometimes on sale, but ham is high in salt and the pork is usually the huge fatty roasts with a huge bone!

1. It has to be kid friendly, I have 3 boys ages 10, 9, and 6.
2. Only things I can find at a regular grocery store
3. Each meal for 4 has to be under $10

And I'll share one recipe you can try, it's called Pizza Pasta and the kids love it!
1/2 box Barilla Plus Spaghetti
1 can Hunts 3-cheese tomato sauce
Turkey peperoni (on the kids side)
Skim Milk Mozarella cheese
Calories w/o the cheese and pepperoni (about 150 per serving)
Cook the spaghetti according to directions (unless baking, then cook less) and drain. Put in bakin dish and top with sauce, cheese, peperoni, or whatever pizza toppings you like. I microwave it, but it would probably taste better baked at this point.

**We use Barilla plus spaghetti noodles, not much more than regular spaghetti but made with beans and grains and tastes just like plain nooodle! Plus it doesn't get soggy and mushy as easily as regular noodles.
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