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-Justifying it when I bend or break the rules so I don't feel guilty. "I'm really tired and I have a lot of work to do, so I NEED this mocha latte right now to be more productive."

-Giving in to my husband's eating habits. He has some kind of frozen treat every night, as a ritual. He loves candy, ice cream, fried foods, and fast food. And he never gains weight!!

-Eating while I cook. I tell myself I'm just sustaining my hunger until mealtime, but when you "sample" every single ingredient before using it, it's like you end up eating 2 dinners!

-Eating out. I really can't get around it because of all the travelling I do, but I should pack more food on-the-go, and actually eat it when I do pack it. Socially, though, that's so hard!

-JUICE. I loooove juice and so does my hubby. We always have OJ, fruit punch, some kind of berry juice, and often iced tea. I'm always thirsty and at home it's hard to go for the water when there's so much "nutritious" juice around... it's just so loaded with calories!!

-Eating for "economical reasons." (I guess this goes along with my first one). Oh, "those chips they put out at the restaurant are free! Time to chow down!" Or..."75-cent hot dog day? I'm in!!" Or.. "I paid a lot of money for this meal so I need to eat it all and not let it go to waste!"

-Being picky. I hate meat. I'm selective with my fruits & veggies. I'm not usually in the mood for nuts. If I could eat rice for every meal, I would!!
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