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First of all, thank you nik for posting on my other thread. I can already see you are an incredibly helpful presence on these forums. Secondly, can I piggyback on this question?

I'm confused by the calorie pie chart. Today I had about 1500 calories. In the evening I had 3 drinks with friends: 2 margaritas and a beer. The margaritas had a combined alcohol content of about 35g (determined by the listing of a margarita on this site) and I had to calculate the grams of alcohol in my guinness by taking the full amount of beer (14.9 ounces), converting it to grams, and then using the percentage of alcohol (4&#37 which gave me about 20g of alcohol (not sure if that's exact but roughly). Now the pie chart says that 25% of my caloric intake today was from alcohol??? Is this true?? Because alcohol definitely wasn't 25% of what I consumed today.. I ate several times and like I said, had about 1500 calories which was mostly not from the drinks. Just curious.
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