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I'm sort of doing the Atkins diet. More of a primal diet. My ratios today were 72% fat ( 122 grams overall,44 grams saturated, 10.6 polyunsaturated, 56 monounsaturated), 27% protein (99 grams), and 1% carbs (2.6).

I plan on eating a bit more carbs once I get closer to my goal weight, from veggies and a bit of fruit. But for now, mostly meat, eggs, cheese, and oils. I like this diet so far. It's tasty, and the fatty foods keep me full for a long time

Also, I highly suggest that anybody doing or thinking about going low carb go to Link removed

It's a great site, with a forum and everything. That site is actually what made me go on the 'caveman diet'.

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