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Originally Posted by MetalPeaches View Post
I'm feeling like this right now. I'm not a sad person but I've been dieting/ exercising hard for weeks and all I have to show for it is an extra inch on my hips. How is that possible? I stopped alcohol completely- I've cut out sugar and I've started exercising daily. Not one pound lost.

Anyways I'm starting ketosis tomorrow- the induction diet. I'm nervous because I don't like meat (I was a vegetarian for over a decade) but obviously nothing else is working. I'm scared I'm just going to gain on this too. Trying really hard to stay positive but this whole experience has been so frustrating. I'm bigger and more tired than ever! I'm gonna need a lot of support on this.
Originally Posted by RichardBuckner View Post
Attitude, attitude, attitude. I felt like you do when my mom died; I had some unfinished business with her and realized it would never be resolved. But there is not chance now so have put it behind me. You can choose your attitude, so do it. Be positive NO MATTER WHAT. Watch comedy on TV. Do creative and fun things. Exercise. Read inspirational stories and listen to inspirational music. Take care of yourself.
Remember there is no more precious child of the creator than you. Don't beat up on yourself. You might read Homecoming by John Bradshaw and do the imagining exercises. They are intense but I would be willing to be here for you. Another good book is Pychocybernetics by Maxwell Maltz.
You can and will change. You might be in a size 9 in a year. People change; it is up to you. All we can do is provide a supportive environment.
Go to it, tiger!
Richard, thank you. You are sooo encouraging. I really wish I were stronger to be your cheerleader right now. You're doing so well.

MetalPeaches--I wish I had something for you, too. But, I haven't lost either. I'm thinking I've been doing this almost a month and nothing. Not even one clothes size. The last time I did this, shoot the last two times, I lost about 60 lbs. I saw results fast. I'm feeling helpless and hopeless right now. I heard about the wooshie fairy. You know, one day it just all wooshes away after your effort--or is it the swooshie fairy--anywhoooo, I am trying to hang in there.

Oh, I gave up the alcohol almost completely. None during the week and a bit of tequila with the bf on the weekends. But, other than that I feel like I'm just filling myself with crap.

Funny, one of my students told me I was "disintegrating" today and she wanted me to stop mistreating myself cause she loved me. I couldn't even...well, I know its bad.

Is this also because I'm soon to be 39? Almost the 4 oh. is offline   Reply With Quote