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I'm feeling like this right now. I'm not a sad person but I've been dieting/ exercising hard for weeks and all I have to show for it is an extra inch on my hips. How is that possible? I stopped alcohol completely- I've cut out sugar and I've started exercising daily. Not one pound lost.

Anyways I'm starting ketosis tomorrow- the induction diet. I'm nervous because I don't like meat (I was a vegetarian for over a decade) but obviously nothing else is working. I'm scared I'm just going to gain on this too. Trying really hard to stay positive but this whole experience has been so frustrating. I'm bigger and more tired than ever! I'm gonna need a lot of support on this.
Encourage, encourage. I have lost 16 pounds in 3.5 weeks on new Atkins. My food logs are public and you can look at them. Right now I am working on getting my potassium up. It is about 60% of RDA. I will see my doctor tomorrow to see what my blood level was last Friday. I am having to add to net carbs to get the potassium up. What you have accomplished so far is good for your body. You can eat a lot of fish, poultry and pork. Don't give up; restrict net carbs to about 20 and stick with it for 2 weeks and you will lose, and keep exercising. Best of luck. 10 years longer life feeling great will be worth it. Remember, all that really matters is YOU!
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