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Thanks everyone for the encouragement! I started off with Grave's Disease, which is overactive, then they decided to knock the thyroid down to being underactive, said it would be easier to treat... But I take Synthroid everyday, and I've been in the normal range for a year or two now. It's nice to hear that you guys have lost weight even with a thyroid problem, that's so encouraging! I'm trying pretty hard... I managed to lose about 7 lbs, but then I gained almost all of it back, so it's getting pretty frustrating... But you're right, I just need to keep my motivation up... That's the hard part, especially since my workout buddy decided to give up completely! But I'm hanging in there... I'm still almost 2 lbs. down at this point, so that's better than nothing!

"Live for today... Yesterday is already gone and tomorrow may never come..."
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