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Default Dressing Room Depression

Last night I had a family event to go to and realized I have nothing in the closet that fits well enough to look decent. Quick trip to Kohl's had me in a fit of panic - it was the first time in my life I had to shop in the Plus Section - Size 18 - I am only 4'11". My family has a history of diabetes, after 13 years of marriage my husband and I have decided we want to start a family.... this cannot go on anymore!!!

About 3 years ago I did WW for 12 months and was down from 180 to 145. I now top the scale at 210. WW worked for me but I can't spare the money atm plus I derailed there when my leader quit and I didn't like her replacement. I know I can still use the tools I learned at WW but I really need to do this on my own to make it a life change and not dependent on a WW leader.

My pitfalls are:
portion control (clean your plate mental hang-up)
trigger foods (obsessive)
hatred of exercise (have physical job, always find excuses)
love to cook (never trust a skinny one?)
low self image (i don't wear makeup, chew my fingernails)

This has to be more than just a diet for me... I need to reinvent myself and reorder my life to be a long and healthy one. I refuse to be a fat mom, if I have kids they deserve a mom who can be active and involved with them instead of sitting and watching... or a diabetes-shortened life.

Any suggestions on how to get started... what worked for you... how did you change your priorities to start losing weight?

Technical question - does FitDay work on windows mobile phones?
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