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Default New to HCG and Fitday

Hi, I am new to both Fitday and HCG. My Doctor (who lost over 60lbs on it) started both myself and a coworker on it. We started last Friday with Friday and Saturday being our load days, and the LCD starting on Sunday.

I am doing really good about keeping track of my calories, and am trying really hard to make notes in my journal.

Mornings are the worse for me, as I start work so early (7am) and usually drink a couple of cups of coffee with skim milk.

My only other setback so far has been with exercising. I normally workout on my wii, and last night was the first night I tried that while being on the HCG, and it kicked my butt. I went online looking to see if exercise was recommended and 50% yes and 50% said no.

I also (per my doctor's recommendation) had to increase my fiber.
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