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muscleman787: that is pretty much my plan, but still kind of confused on how to turn the fat into muscle sorta speak
You dont turn fat into muscle, they are 2 completely different cycles. you can gain muscle and not lose fat, vv. you need to lose the fat and starting lifting weights to gain muscle. it really helps because with the cardio, the extra muscle is going to burn more calories and eventually fat.

according to your BMI you would be obese and everything might be fine...for now. the best thing you should do is look at your body fat %. anything over 18% is not very good at all and work on getting that down, even if you feel fine now. fat will build up around your organs and veins and then you'll have problems. also, it doesnt really matter how much muscle you have because per volume, fat and muscle are very very close so you just might hide it well. that 250 on the scale came from your gut and not from your 255 bench. (and i know how you feel, im in the same boat and just started for once trying to lose weight, always been 180, 11% body fat and now im 240)
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