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That is good to know. I love this site just what I needed to get me back on track.

During my 'creating custom food' process I realized that V8 (V-Fusion Strawberry Banana)46 fl oz(aka 1qt) seperates my Sugars from my carbohydrates .

Nut. facts from Label:

V8 V fusion Veg & fruit
8 fl oz serving size 1
Calories 120
Total Cabohydrates 28 mg 9% (% daily value)
Sugars 25 g

So is the 28 mg including the sugar 25 grms? or should I add 25 to 28 on my food log?

Personal Note: BTW any thing with tomato juice in it (aka Bloody Mary) i do not like so this is a BIG step for me to drink/enjoy V-8. Actually I LOVE the V-fusion and just want to report it correctly on my food log.

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