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Does anybody else feel like they would rather go through life invisible? Like, today was so hard to come to work. I feel like I'm hiding out, in my office, in the car, in the house. I'm soooo disappointed. I feel like somewhere I just lost who I am or gave up on me. I'm sitting here looking at the clothes I have on at work today--WTH??? What was I thinking? I don't think I'm depressed, I feel ok. I just feel like I'm caught up in the tedium of everyday life and can't get enough money or enough vacation time. GEEZ!!

I'm dieting and nothing seems to be happening. I'm ready to say F****THIS!!!!!! I'll never be a 10. You know?

I don't know if its the weight that caused this or the mood that's caused the weight. Please tell me I'm not alone.

Calling Richard, Terri, Luis...somebody, anybody!?
Attitude, attitude, attitude. I felt like you do when my mom died; I had some unfinished business with her and realized it would never be resolved. But there is not chance now so have put it behind me. You can choose your attitude, so do it. Be positive NO MATTER WHAT. Watch comedy on TV. Do creative and fun things. Exercise. Read inspirational stories and listen to inspirational music. Take care of yourself.
Remember there is no more precious child of the creator than you. Don't beat up on yourself. You might read Homecoming by John Bradshaw and do the imagining exercises. They are intense but I would be willing to be here for you. Another good book is Pychocybernetics by Maxwell Maltz.
You can and will change. You might be in a size 9 in a year. People change; it is up to you. All we can do is provide a supportive environment.
Go to it, tiger!
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