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Good morning ladies!

So nice to hear how everyone is doing!

Beth and Julia - you almost made it, congratulations!!!

Cassie, please don't be to hard on yourself - you've been doing a fantastic job with keeping that weight off. You seem like such an active person, so you'll burn those extra calories in no time!

Rachael, welcome to the club!

I'm down another pound! I didn't expect any weight change, since I was sick for a week, couldn't work out and wasn't that careful with what I put into my mouth, so my calorie restriction dropped to 150. So...I start to get the feeling that my body needs about a week to adjust to changes in my diet and workout routine, so who knows?! - I might go up to 128 again next week
Well, I'm still sneezing and coughing, so I might have to take it easy for another few days, but hope to be back on track by the end of the week.

Have a great week everyone!
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